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Xallent, LLC CTL

R&D: Semiconductor Devices

Xallent, LLC designs, develops, manufactures, and markets advanced nanoprobing solutions for imaging, electrical measurement, and testing of thin film materials and semiconductor devices. Conventional characterization and test methods are increasingly ineffective when applied to structures less than 100 nanometers, causing challenges across R&D, process control, and failure analysis. Given slow, complex detection processes, identification of subtle defects typically takes weeks or months following fabrication.  This lag translates to significant waste as systemic issues can persist untreated across multiple batches. Xallent’s nanomachine probing technology directly addresses these challenges with simple, cost-effective, and high-speed testing solutions. Their products enable on-wafer measurements and failure analysis of integrated circuits. Their products are also used for electrical, structural, chemical, and mechanical characterization of thin film materials. Product design, manufacture, and assembly are conducted in Ithaca, New York.

Cornell Connection

Xallent, LLC's foundational technology is licensed from Cornell University. In addition, Xallent has partnered with Cornell University under the StartUP-NY program, and has the benefit of tax-free operation in New York State for the next decade as a result.