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Vergason Technology Inc.

Physical vapor deposition (PVD) coating services and systems

  • Products:
  • PVD vacuum metallizing
  • PVD wear coating
  • Coating equipment

Vergason Technology Inc. designs, builds, and provides physical vapor deposition (PVD) toll coating services for thin film performance and decorative coatings. The company offers an environmentally friendly PVD alternative to the hexavalent chromium plating processes. PVD vacuum metallizing services exist for a variety of industries, including automotive, LED lighting, appliance manufacturing, and packaging. PVD wear coatings are also offered to reduce wear and corrosion, and to improve the lubricity for tools, molds, and dies. Vergason manufactures and sells customized coating equipment.

Cornell Connection

The company is currently engaged in the JumpStart program with the Cornell Center for Materials Research.