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Transonic Systems, Inc.

R&D: Surgical and Medical Instruments

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Transonic Systems, Inc. manufactures ultrasonic and laser Doppler blood flowmeters for medical research, intraoperative surgical use, and clinical patient monitoring. The blood flowmeters are used with perivascular sensors during patient surgery, in acute and chronic animal studies, and with clamp-on sensors in the pediatric ICU and during medical procedures such as cardiac bypass and hemodialysis. The company’s transit-time flowmetry, developed at Cornell, is now the gold standard for animal research and intraoperative heart surgery use. Transonic Systems’ ultrasound indicator dilution flowmeter has revolutionized hemodialysis access patency management.

Cornell Connection

Transonic Systems is a spin-off from research conducted by the company’s president while a senior research associate in the Cornell College of Veterinary Medicine. Transonic Systems and Cornell continue an active collaboration on research and development projects involving blood flow, pressure sensing, and nanofabrication technologies. Cornell continues to be an important proving ground for the company’s new measurement technologies. Transonic Systems also uses Cornell’s nanofabrication facilities for the development of new flowmetering devices.