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Top Quality Hay Processors

Hay Production and Sales

  • Products:
  • Alfalfa
  • Timothy hay

Top Quality Hay Processors offers high-quality alfalfa and Timothy hay that has consistent levels of low moisture, high protein, and high fiber. The flakes are consistent in size, free of mold and dust, and a superb color. Their product is taken immediately from the field to the drying facility, where it is dried to a predetermined moisture content within a few hours of being cut. This step bypasses the conventional procedure of letting the hay dry in the field for several hours where it deteriorates because of the sun’s ultraviolet rays, dew, and unpredictable rain. Use of a drying facility also prevents the typical damage to the hay from being turned several times to allow for thorough drying, and when dry, raked into windrows in preparation for baling by machine. Top Quality Hay Processors guarantees a superior form of feed for animals, whether equine, dairy, goat, sheep, rabbit, or gerbil.

Cornell Connection

The company frequently benefits from Cornell resources.