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A Cornell Agriculture and Food Technology Park Company

Stony Brook WholeHeartedFoods

Food Manufacturing and Sales

  • Products:
  • Culinary squash seed oils

Stony Brook WholeHeartedFoods creates unrefined vegetable oils made from roasted varietal squash seeds. Each oil varies in color and flavor profile depending on the variety of squash, with colors ranging from dark emerald green (pumpkin) to a rich golden hue (butternut). The flavor profiles are equally varied, ranging from mild umami flavors to the more pronounced taste of roasted peanuts or hazelnuts. The company is currently roasting and pressing the seeds of pumpkin, butternut squash, sunflower, and flax. The oils are expeller pressed, which means that the oil is mechanically pressed from the squash seed without excessive heat or chemicals.

Cornell Connection

The two founders of the company are Cornell alumni of the School of Hotel Administration and the College of Arts and Sciences. A 10-year reunion trip to Ithaca inspired the couple to relocate their business to the Finger Lakes region.