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SiMPore Inc.

R&D: Biotechnology

  • Products:
  • Sample supports for electron microscopy and live cell imaging
  • NanoBarrierâ„¢
  • CytoVu®

SiMPore Inc. is a nanotechnology company that designs and produces membranes and membrane-enabled products for life science and material science research. SiMPore's products take advantage of the unique properties of nanoporous and microporous membranes for a range of applications, including filters for separating and concentrating biological molecules and nanoparticles, cell culture substrates for growing and imaging cells, and electron microscopy grids for preparing and imaging samples at the nanoscale.

Cornell Connection

One of SiMPore's cofounders is a Cornell University College of Engineering alumnus. The company was a JumpStart participant at the Cornell Center for Materials Research.