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Seraph Robotics, Inc.

Robotics: Additive Manufacturing

  • Products:
  • Fab@Home M4™
  • Scientist 3D Printer®
  • LabManager software

Seraph Robotics is at the forefront of the three-dimensional printing and additive manufacturing market. The company's premiere product, Fab@Home™, is a micro-industrial robot designed for three-dimensional printing. Commonly printed materials include hydrogels, agarose, silicones, and ABS/PLA plastic filaments. The company continues to work toward the goal of creating a printing platform that can be used by academic researchers. Seraph also creates a variety of tools to that provide the flexibility for researchers to customize their process.

Cornell Connection

The CEO and the CTO of Seraph Robotics are both Cornell alumni. The company's foundational technology was developed at Cornell University.