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Salute helps organizations manage environmental health and safety (EHS) risk. Their mission is to move EHS from a culture of compliance to a culture of safety. The company provides a cloud-based management platform, expert and supplemental resources, and risk management tools that improve safety and reduce cost. Salute's pool of experts will provide guidance on specific EHS risks, supported by a next-generation technology management platform that delivers real-time business intelligence around safety risks, mitigations, and insurance.

Cornell Connection

Salute is the result of a larger innovation partnership between Fitzroy Health and Weill Cornell Medicine. Fitzroy and Weill Cornell Medicine's Department of Environmental Health and Safety formed Salute to take its core EHS management tool and turn it into a cloud-based solution that can serve the broader academic and healthcare markets. The company's foundational technology is licensed from Cornell University and incorporates Cornell’s expertise developed over many years as a leader in safety and regulatory compliance.