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Renerva, LLC

Medical Devices

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  • Peripheral Nerve Matrix©

Renerva, LLC is a rapidly growing and innovative medical device company. Their main focus is to develop and commercialize implantable technologies to improve the outcome of peripheral nerve repair procedures.  The medical startup is developing an injectable gel to speed the healing of damaged nerves and creating an off-the-shelf nerve-graft product that may spare patients life-long disability. Renerva’s first product, Peripheral Nerve Matrix, is an injectable hydrogel derived from porcine tissue that acts like a scaffold. It supports nerve-cell growth and tissue formation, and is expected to enter clinical trials in 2020.

Cornell Connection

Renerva was formed concurrently at Cornell University and the University of Pittsburg. The company joined the Kevin M. McGovern Center for Venture Development in November 2019. An Associate Professor in the College of Veterinary Medicine is the chair of Renerva’s scientific advisory board.