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Re-Markable Paint Company LLC

Athletic Field Paint Manufacturer

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Re-Markable Paint Company produces a paint and paint remover system that allows managers of athletic fields to paint lines on athletic field surfaces and to completely remove the paint at their convenience with a removal solution. Originally contemplated as a solution for natural grass athletic venues that host multiple sports with competing boundaries, this technology is also ideal for managers of artificial fields. Re-Markable Paint is a unique, high quality, removable marking paint that is visually appealing, rainfast, and tolerant to foot traffic. The paint and removing solution are safe chemical protocols that can be used in commerically available spray machines. The paint and removal solution does not damage plants or artificial turf.

Cornell Connection

Re-Markable Paint’s products are based on research at Cornell that focuses on polymers and surface coatings. The technology underlying Re-Markable paint was created by a faculty member of Cornell’s Department of Horticulture and a former faculty member of the Department of Chemistry and Chemical Biology.