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Primet Precision Materials, Inc.

R&D: Advanced Materials

  • Products:
  • Specialty materials
  • Battery materials
  • NanoScission®

Primet Precision Materials, Inc. manufactures a wide variety of materials at the nanoscale for more efficient power sources and a cleaner environment.  The company's main focus is on lithium ion battery materials for electric transportation. Their NanoScission® process dramatically reduces manufacturing costs for batteries needed in the key segments of electric transportation, including e-bikes, hybrids, and electric vehicles.  These advances in lithium ion batteries will dramatically reduce the retail costs for these vehicles, putting them in reach of mainstream consumers.

Cornell Connection

Primet and Cornell collaborate on nanomaterials research, development, and commercialization. Primet technology accelerates Cornell research and enables commercialization of Cornell technology. Primet is currently working with Cornell faculty to develop and commercialize novel Cornell catalysts for fuel cells.