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Porous Materials, Inc.

Analytical Laboratory Instrument Manufacturing

  • Products:
  • Porometers
  • Porosimeter
  • Sorptometers
  • Pycnometers
  • Permeameters
  • Rock Core

Porous Materials, Inc. manufactures novel platforms for the testing of porous materials and is a well-recognized market leader in porosity solutions. PMI provides a wide array of lab instruments that target both academia and industry for the analysis of powder and bulk materials. Their instruments can measure surface area, density, pore size distribution, gas, and vapor interactions. The testing services division of PMI offers contract testing services for a wide variety of pore characterization tests. The company holds several U.S. and international patents on their novel technology for the characterization of pore structures.

Cornell Connection

PMI’s president, a Cornell alumnus, founded the company.