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Orthogonal, Inc. CTL

Specialty Chemicals

  • Products:
  • OSCoR 4001
  • OSCoR 5001
  • OSCoR AM1000
  • OSCoR DE1
  • OSCoR SL1
  • OSCoR SL2
  • OSCoR UP 151

Orthogonal’s proprietary photoresist system, OSCoR, is the world’s only photolithography chemical set compatible with organic electronic materials. Using the company’s non-interacting photoresist system, customers can pattern a wide range of semiconducting and conducting materials with currently installed electronic manufacturing equipment and processes. Three examples include: (1) Ultra-high resolution front plane RGB sub-pixel patterning for AMOLED displays; (2) Organic Photo Diodes for, "Behind-the-OLED-Display," Fingerprint Sensors; (3) Organic Thin Film Transistors (O-TFT) for Flexible electronics. Based on fluorine chemistry, OSCoR is an earth-friendly green technology, designed to be nontoxic, inflammable, and recyclable.

Cornell Connection

A Cornell PhD graduate, Dr. John DeFranco, is founder and CEO at Orthogonal, Inc. Former and current faculty members of Cornell make up the scientific advisory team: Professor George Malliaras (currently Prince Philip Professor of Technology at University of Cambridge) and Professor Christopher Ober (Director, Cornell Nanoscale Facility at Cornell). The company is based on research developed by Cornell engineers at the Cornell NanoScale Science and Technology Facility. The company's foundational technology is licensed from Cornell University.