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Oratel Diagnostics, LLC

R&D: Healthcare Diagnostics

  • Products:
  • Fertility diagnostics

Oratel Diagnostics, LLC has developed a patented, single-use test (VACA) that uses colors to help dairy farmers determine the best time to inseminate their cows. The company is also planning to partner with a company to manufacture and market an anthocyanin saliva-based test for endometriosis. The company's research demonstrates that flavonoids can measure differences in saliva composition between women with and without endometriosis.  A diagnosis of endometriosis can also alert the health practitioner to screen for ovarian cancer at an earlier stage. Noninvasive, low-cost screening will increase this opportunity.

Cornell Connection

Oratel Diagnostics participated in the JumpStart program at the Cornell Center for Materials Research and sponsored an industrial partnership with the center. The company utilizes facilities and expertise in Cornell's Department of Food Science, the Center for Life Science Enterprise, and the Department of Animal Science.