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Nutrimed Biotech

R&D: Biophysics and Physiological Sciences

  • Products:
  • Functional lipids
  • Lipid conjugates
  • Derived liposomal systems

Based on the company’s expertise in lipid materials for biomedicine and nutrition, Nutrimed Biotech has developed and patented novel platforms for drug delivery, new research tools for cellular and nuclear signaling, and derived diagnostics. Nutrimed’s patented drug delivery technologies include systems of molecular canopies for controlled and targeted delivery of small-molecule and polymeric drugs. Related technologies create non-immunogenic cell surfaces useful in novel blood substitutes and biocompatible surfaces for implants. Nutrimed’s patented research tools based on cellular signaling include novel phosphoinositide reagents for diagnostics and high-throughput drug discovery screens in cancer, diabetes, and inflammation.

Cornell Connection

The founder of the company is a former visiting professor of Biochemistry at Cornell. Nutrimed Biotech conducts collaborative research with the University and retains Cornell faculty members as consultants.