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North Sea Resins

Industrial and Commercial Leak Repair

  • Products:
  • Light Activated North Sea Resin™
  • NSR-150
  • Kayak Repair Kit
  • NSR-390
  • Field Repair Kit
  • Rapid Repair Kit

North Sea Resins (NSR) develops and manufactures light-activated resins for use as a rapid leak repair tool for industrial and commercial facilities. NSR resins are cured in 30 seconds by visible blue light, saving considerable time and money. Light-activated resins are designed to cure in any location or conditions. Products such as the Field Repair Kit and Rapid Repair Kit are marketed to clients including Cornell University, Johns Hopkins University, the U.S. Navy, Ace Hardware, and New York State Electric and Gas.

Cornell Connection

Cornell is an NSR client. The company’s proximity to the university is mutually beneficial.