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New Objective Inc.

R&D: Chemical Analysis

  • Products:
  • PicoChip
  • PicoFrit
  • PicoClear
  • IntegraFrit

New Objective Inc. develops innovations in high-sensitivity liquid chromatography–mass spectrometry (LC-MS) research and has become an industry leader in nanospray technology for mass spectrometry. For two decades, New Objective has led high-sensitivity LC-MS research through innovative life-science sample prep and delivery tools and follows a customer-driven culture. Through this open line of communication, their original PicoTip product line quickly expanded, and this new expanded product line is designed for unprecedented ease of use in biomolecule nanoscale analysis.

Cornell Connection

The company was founded by two Cornell alumni. The company's foundational technology was developed by a Cornell alumni as well as a faculty member from the Department of Chemistry and Chemical Biology.