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Multiwire Laboratories, Ltd.

Laboratory Equipment R&D and Manufacturing

  • Products:
  • MWL 120 real-time back-reflection Laue camera system
  • Motorized orientation stages
  • NorthStar v7 software

Multiwire Laboratories, Ltd. develops and manufactures products for rapid x-ray orientation of single crystals by the back-reflection Laue method. Industrial and academic laboratories utilize the real-time x-ray detector, motorized orientation stages, and computer analysis of back-reflection images to characterize or determine the orientation of the lattice planes in superconductors and turbine blades, as well as a variety of crystal materials such as silicon, gallium arsenide, calcium fluoride, sapphire, and geological minerals. Their NorthStar 7.3 analysis program features automated indexing of Laue patterns for rapidly quantifying the amount of misorientation.

Cornell Connection

The company’s chief operating officer developed the original technology at Cornell.