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R&D: Carbon Fiber MEMS Devices

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  • Carbon fiber MEMS devices

Mezmeriz uses carbon fiber microelectromechanical system (MEMS) technology developed at Cornell to make a high-definition projector that is the size of a matchbook. The company is building a prototype of the Mezmeriz technology, which will ultimately lead to a projection system that can be embedded into any mobile device, including phones and video players. Mezmeriz offers an updated MEMS, replacing traditional silicon lattices with carbon fiber. The company’s MEMS produces a vibrating resonance engine that has the benefits of silicon manufacturing, but with the strength advantages of carbon fiber.

Cornell Connection

A faculty member from the College of Engineering and a graduate student from the College of Human Ecology invented the various MEMS-based technologies that are used in displays. The CEO/cofounder of the company is a Cornell alumnus.