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Insights International, Inc.

Video and Media Production

  • Products:
  • Video production services
  • Information design
  • Web delivery of media

Insights International, Inc. is a documentary and interactive media design company specializing in technology transfer, science education, engineering subjects, and children’s programming. Insights produces videotapes, builds websites, and produces video and audio for websites as well as for other delivery systems. Insights offers a full range of production services from design, scripting, and shooting, to online editing, standards conversion, and duplication. The company’s clientele has included Cornell University, the National Gallery of Art, and Program for Workplace Systems. Insights’ two locations, Ithaca and New York City, allow the company to serve the local and international needs of their clients.

Cornell Connection

The company’s proximity to the university is mutually beneficial—providing access to Cornell's resources, as well as recruiting the university as a client. The two founders of the company are Cornell science graduates. The original concepts for technology transfer resulted from the academic research of one of the company’s founders.