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Innovative Dynamics, Inc.

R&D: Transportation Equipment

  • Products:
  • Intelligent transportation systems

Innovative Dynamics, Inc. (IDI) develops intelligent transportation systems for improved aircraft and ground vehicle safety, especially in hazardous winter weather conditions. The company provides a variety of ice protection solutions for highways, runways, parking lots, aircrafts, and marine vessels. Their products are designed for either detection or deicing. Previous projects include the invention of a smart rubber deicing boot, an all-metal expulsive deicer boot, a shape memory alloy deicer for helicopters, and pattern recognition software for finding mechanical defects and delaminations in structures. The company developed acoustic sensor technology for monitoring aircraft vibration and wiring failures, as well as for detecting contaminants in fluids and lubrication systems. Their most recent project is creating an ice protection system for the Textron ship-to-shore connector. This system will provide a modernized means for the United States Navy and Marine Corps to land at more than 80% of the world's shorelines.

Cornell Connection

IDI’s proximity to Cornell provides opportunities for mutual benefits.