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Manufacturing: Sheet Metal Rapid Prototypes

  • Products:
  • Sheet metal stampings
  • Metal forming
  • Laser and water jet cutting
  • Microcut
  • Photo chemical etching
  • Wire EDM

INCODEMA, Inc. uses computer-aided stamping technology to manufacture detailed sheet metal prototypes and small production runs extremely rapidly. The company specializes in making miniature components. INCODEMA produces prototypes in a wide range of materials, from carbon steel to plastics, incorporating operations such as contouring, embossing, and riveting. The company delivers quality and speed to its product development customers, including Borg Warner, Siemens, Motorola, and Eaton.

Cornell Connection

INCODEMA has completed several projects for the Laboratory of Elementary-Particle Physics (LEPP) and has projects in process that will contribute to Cornell's synchrotron operations. INCODEMA has also worked extensively with the College of Engineering, Department of Plasma Studies, and Cornell Local Roads Program.