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Incodema3D, LLC

Additive Manufacturing

  • Products:
  • AeroSpace
  • Automotive
  • Medical
  • Consumer

Incodema3D, a business segment of Incodema Group, specializes in high precision 3D additive manufacturing in metals. Their additive manufacturing expertise and state-of-the-art facilities allow them to specialize in complex designs and geometries, consolidation of parts, reduction of time and weight, and high accuracy output. They also have a full CNC machine shop on site. The company has a particular focus on aerospace and specializing in direct metal design and production work.

Cornell Connection

Incodema3D is a JumpStart partner with the Cornell Center for Materials Research. The company also hires Cornell interns from the Department of Materials Science and Engineering.  Incodema3D was affiliated with Cornell while part of the Startup NY program. A company board member was on the Cornell Board of Trustees in 2011, and currently serves on the advisory councils for the College of Engineering, the Department of Materials Science and Engineering, and Entrepreneurship@Cornell.