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Impact-Echo Instruments, LLC

Nondestructive Concrete and Masonry Testing

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  • Nondestructive instruments for concrete and masonry

Impact-Echo Instruments, LLC manufactures and sells portable, computer-operated impact-echo test systems for on-site testing and evaluation of concrete and masonry structures. Impact-echo is an acoustic nondestructive test method for locating cracks, voids, and other flaws in plain, reinforced, and post-tension concrete and masonry structures, including bridges, highways, dams, buildings, and tunnels. It can also make accurate measurements of the thickness of concrete slabs, such as highway pavements, floors, and retaining walls.

Cornell Connection

A former Cornell faculty member from the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering invented and perfected the impact-echo method. The president of Impact-Echo Instruments is dean emeritus of Cornell’s College of Engineering and is the author of the software used with the test systems marketed by the company.