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Personal Development Platform

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  • A slack app -
  • Web portal is coming soon!

Grow is a platform that facilitates self-awareness and personal growth by leveraging the wisdom of your network through quantifiable feedback.

Grow is differentiated from other feedback apps for the following reasons:

1. Data ownership is in the hands of each individual. Their feedback will be centralized across contexts (work, school, personal, etc.) into a single profile.

2. Grow is multi-platform and integrated into existing workflows (feedback can be given/requested on Slack, FB messenger,  browser extension, web, mobile, etc.).

3. Grow is not anonymous.

4. Grow's feedback is structured and quantifiable, allowing people to measure and track progress over time.

5. Grow provides timely reminders to give feedback.

6. Grow can recommend educational materials to reinforce your strengths and neutralize your weaknesses.

7. Grow can match mentors/mentees based on skill needs.

8. Meta-feedback capabilities and analysis allow Grow, first, to help people get better at giving feedback and, eventually, to identify mentors, influencers, experts, etc.

Cornell Connection

Grow has three Cornell Tech cofounders.