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Fesarius Therapeutics, Inc. CTL

Medical Devices: Tissue Engineering

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  • Engineered dermal tissue scaffold

Fesarius Therapeutics, Inc. is an early stage biomedical company that develops and manufactures an engineered skin replacement product using patented microsphere hydrogel technology. Preclinical studies on the company’s product have demonstrated a superior outcome compared to leading methods. It is their mission to deliver superior healing outcomes for complex wounds—improving patient lives, and lowering the cost of medical care. Fesarius Therapeutics plans to have a commercially available product within five years.

Cornell Connection

Fesarius Therapeutics' foundational scaffold technology was invented by a professor at the Laboratory of Bioregenerative Medicine and Surgery at Weill Cornell Medicine. Co-inventor's of the technology are also Weill Cornell Medicine faculty and researchers. The company's foundational technology is licensed from Cornell University.