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Evaporated Metal Films, Inc.

Optical Coatings and Components R&D and Manufacturing

  • Products:
  • Custom metal coatings
  • Riofoto dental mirrors
  • Quartz thin film thickness-monitoring crystals
  • Custom Care engineered service
  • Metal coated test slides
  • Precision optical coating

Evaporated Metal Films, Inc. (EMF) is a publicly held company, a subsidiary of Dynasil Corporation. EMF has provided more than 80 years of continuous technological advances in the area of thin film coatings. EMF provides thin film coatings for a wide range of optical, conductive, and decorative applications. The company’s capabilities include coating design, specification development, and prototype-to-production project management. EMF coats glass, metal, ceramic, and plastic substrates from 2 millimeters to 2.3 meters for customers in the aerospace, military, instrumentation, vision, lighting, and automotive industries.

Cornell Connection

A Cornell alumnus founded the company after completing a Cornell PhD thesis on vacuum-deposited aluminum coatings. Evaporated Metal Films continues to pursue research interactions with Cornell.