Cornell’s Research Serves the Region and Beyond

Digicomp Research Corp.

R&D: Computer Software and Hardware

  • Products:
  • Air surveillance and control system
  • Air-to-ground range system
  • Mode 4 interrogator system
  • MIG emulator
  • Distributed training operations system

Digicomp Research Corp. provides software contract services and develops software-intensive products for government and industry. Digicomp has extensive experience in applications that involve tracking and control of aircrafts. The company has worked in a variety of application areas, including simulation, control, radar data processing, mapping, and graphics display systems, with customers such as the Air National Guard, the U.S. Air Force, the Canadian Forces School of Aerospace Control Operations, and Lockheed Martin.

Cornell Connection

Cornell engineering graduates founded the company, and Cornell faculty members serve as consultants.