Cornell’s Research Serves the Region and Beyond


Cornell Center for Technology Licensing (CTL)

Company Name Location Sector CTL New
Achronix Semiconductor Corp. Santa Clara, CA R&D: Semiconductors and Field Programmable Gate Arrays CTL
Acuamark Diagnostics Inc. New York, NY Early Detection Molecular Diagnostics CTL New
Agricultural Modeling and Training Systems LLC Groton, NY Agricultural Software Development and Training CTL
Agronomic Technology Corporation Sanford, NC Software: Agriculture CTL
Alcyone LifeSciences Inc. Lowell, MA R&D: Biopharmaceuticals CTL
Angiocrine Bioscience Inc. San Diego, CA R&D: Biotechnology CTL
Annapurna Therapeutics Limited Philadelphia, PA Gene Therapy CTL New
ArcScan Inc. Golden, CO R&D: Ophthalmic Medical Devices CTL
Axium Nanofibers LLC Ithaca, NY R&D: Nanomaterials CTL
Bactana Animal Health Ithaca, NY Animal Products CTL New
Bionic Sight LLC New York, NY R&D: Medical Devices CTL
BZL Biologics LLC New York, NY R&D: Pharmaceuticals CTL
CEP Biotech Inc. Miama, FL R&D: Chemical Reagents CTL
Crunch Time Apple Growers Wolcott, NY Apple Marketing CTL
CycloPure Inc. Encinitas, CA Water Treatment CTL New
Ecolectro Inc. Ithaca, NY Advanced Materials and Energy CTL New
Elucida Oncology Inc. New York, NY Biotechnology: Oncology CTL
Embark Veterinary Inc. Austin, TX Canine Genetics CTL
FERA Animal Health LLC Dryden, NY Animal Health CTL
GenVec Inc. Gaithersburg, MD R&D: Biopharmaceuticals CTL
Glycobia Inc. Ithaca, NY R&D: Biotechnology CTL
GNS Healthcare Inc. Cambridge, MA Data Analytics CTL
GrokStyle Inc. San Francisco, CA Computer Software, Artificial Intelligence CTL
HemoGenyx LLC Brooklyn, NY Biotechnology: Pharmaceuticals CTL
HµREL Corp. North Brunswick, NJ R&D: Bioanalytic Devices CTL
Kphotonics LLC Tucson, AZ R&D: Educational Products CTL
Lionano Inc. Ithaca, NY R&D: Battery Manufacturing CTL New
Lucerna Inc. Brooklyn, NY R&D: Biotechnology CTL
Metabolon Inc. Morrisville, NC R&D: Biochemical CTL
MetaStat Inc. Boston, MA R&D: Biotechnology CTL
MiTeGen LLC Ithaca, NY Microfabricated Tools R&D and Manufacturing CTL
NOHMs Technologies Inc. Rochester, NY R&D: Energy Storage CTL
Novomer Inc. Waltham, MA Rochester, NY R&D: Specialty Chemicals CTL
OptiGen LLC Ithaca, NY Veterinary Testing Laboratory CTL
Optofluidics Inc. Philadelphia, PA R&D: Biomedical Instrumentation CTL
Orthogonal Inc. Rochester, NY Specialty Chemicals CTL
Pacific Biosciences of California Inc. Menlo Park, CA R&D: Biosciences CTL
PicoLuz LLC Jessup, MD R&D: Nanophotonics CTL
Prendismo Ithaca, NY Internet Media CTL
ReConnectNeuro LLC Clinton, NY Somers, CT Medical Devices CTL
Repairogen New York, NY Consumer Goods CTL
SafetyStratus Inc. Brooktondale, NY Computer Software CTL
Salute New York, NY Cloud-Based Risk Management CTL New
Stealth BioTherapeutics Inc. Newton, MA R&D: Pharmaceuticals CTL
Telescope Time Inc. Washington, CT Internet Application CTL
TeraPore Technologies Inc. San Francisco, CA R&D: Biotechnology CTL
Tetragenetics Inc. Arlington, MA R&D: Biotechnology CTL
VerNx Biotechnology Fairy Meadow, NSW Australia R&D: Biotechnology CTL New
Vet-Aire Inc. Ithaca, NY Veterinary Device Manufacturing CTL
VitaScan Ithaca, NY Biotechnology CTL
Waltz Networks Inc. San Francisco, CA Computer Networking Software CTL
Widetronix Inc. Ithaca, NY Electronics Device Manufacturing CTL
Xallent LLC Ithaca, NY R&D: Semiconductor Devices CTL
ZYMtronix Inc. Ithaca, NY R&D: Biotechnology CTL