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Concept Systems, Inc.

Management Consulting and Software Publishing

  • Products:
  • Concept System®
  • CSGlobal® and CSGlobalMaxâ„¢
  • Organizational strategic consulting
  • Evaluation and research services
  • Training

Concept Systems, Inc. (CSI) provides applied research and evaluation, strategic planning, and technological support aimed at improving public policy, private enterprise, and collaborative ventures. It aims to ensure a well-informed, group-oriented decision-making process. CSI’s goal is to engage organizations to develop common understanding, enable organizations to build consensus, and empower organizations to turn ideas into action. The company’s software tool, Concept System®, uses a unique methodology that takes the ideas of individuals and combines them in unique ways to understand how a group thinks about certain topics, ideas, or goals. The company’s clientele includes federal agencies, corporations, small companies, and organizations.

Cornell Connection

A faculty member of Cornell's Department of Policy Analysis and Management in the College of Human Ecology developed the software and cofounded the company. CSI provides software licenses to Cornell faculty and graduate students who wish to use Concept System® in their research. The company also explores postdoctorate opportunities for Cornell graduate students.