Cornell’s Research Serves the Region and Beyond


Within the Cornell Business and Technology Park (CBTP)

Company Name Location Sector CTL New
Advion BioSciences Inc. Ithaca, NY R&D: Mass Spectrometry and Bioanalytical Services
Axium Nanofibers LLC Ithaca, NY R&D: Nanomaterials CTL
Bigwood Systems Inc. Ithaca, NY Software for Electrical Industry
Bio Nexus Ltd. Ithaca, NY R&D: Nutritional Supplements
Capsulated Systems Inc. Ithaca, NY Microencapsulation R&D and Manufacturing
Claritas Inc. Ithaca, NY Marketing Consulting
Covance Food Solutions Madison, WI Ithaca, NY R&D: Food
Databound Solutions Inc. Ithaca, NY Software Publishing
DatapointLabs LLC Ithaca, NY Engineering/Technology
Fusion Sourcing Group Inc. Ithaca, NY Electronic Sales: Manufacturers’ Representative
Glycobia Inc. Ithaca, NY Immunotherapy CTL
H & I Agritech Inc. Ithaca, NY R&D: Agricultural
Kionix Inc. Ithaca, NY MEMS Manufacturing
Matereality LLC Ithaca, NY Data Management Systems and Services
Mezmeriz Ithaca, NY R&D: Carbon Fiber MEMS Devices
MicroBios Inc. Ithaca, NY R&D: Biotechnology
Microgen Systems Inc. Ithaca, NY Energy R&D and Manufacturing
MiTeGen LLC Ithaca, NY Microfabricated Tools R&D and Manufacturing CTL
Multiwire Laboratories Ltd. Ithaca, NY Laboratory Equipment R&D and Manufacturing
Nature Source Genetics Ithaca, NY R&D: Computational Genomics
Nutrimed Biotech Ithaca, NY R&D: Biophysics and Physiological Sciences
Ongweoweh Corp. Ithaca, NY Pallet and Packaging Management
OptiGen LLC Ithaca, NY Veterinary Testing Laboratory CTL
Rheonix Inc. Ithaca, NY Healthcare Diagnostics
Smith Marketing Services LLC Ithaca, NY Marketing Services
Xallent LLC Ithaca, NY R&D: Semiconductor Devices CTL