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Hospital-Acquired Infections (HAIs) affect five to 10 percent of admitted patients, resulting in 99,000 deaths annually in the United States, at a direct cost of over 30 billion dollars. The Center for Disease Control and Prevention has declared HAIs a winnable battle, yet 1.7 million infections still occur annually. Biotia's mission is to eradicate HAIs.

Biotia provides hospitals with the knowledge and speed to detect and eradicate HAIs before patients get sick. Using next-generation sequencing, a curated database, and artificial intelligence software, Biotia offers hospitals an active surveillance system for high-risk environments and patients. The company has built and is using the most comprehensive global genomics database of environmental pathogens and antimicrobial resistance.

Cornell Connection

Biotia's cofounder and CEO is a postdoc at Cornell Tech. The company's other cofounder is a professor at Weill Cornell Medicine. Biotia is part of the Jacobs Technion Cornell Tech incubation program.