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A Cornell Business and Technology Park Company

Bigwood Systems, Inc.

Computer Software and services for the Utility Sector

  • Products:
  • Voltage/Dynamic stability analysis and control
  • Reactive power management systems
  • Renewable energy modeling and forecasting
  • Super optimal power flow
  • Artificial intelligence applications
  • Deep learning tools

Bigwood Systems, Inc. (BSI) provides electric power companies with high-quality software solutions grown out of cutting-edge research and development. BSI identifies and develops innovative technologies and applies them in practical applications to solve critical problems related to engineering analysis, operations, and planning facing the power industry and utility companies. BSI also has developed a strong arm in artificial intelligence and deep learning applications that can be applied beyond the electric power industry.

Cornell Connection

A Cornell professor from the department of Electrical and Computer Engineering founded Bigwood Systems. A majority of the staff have graduate degrees in Electrical Engineering from Cornell University.