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Applied Pulsed Power Inc.

Electrical Equipment and Component Manufacturing

  • Products:
  • Solid-state switches
  • Pulsed power systems

Applied Pulsed Power Inc. (APP) builds pulsed power components and systems for industry and research. APP produces compact solid-state high-voltage switches (up to 80,000 volts) capable of operation at large peak currents with fast current rise times. APP also designs and builds pulsed power systems with peak powers ranging from one megawatt to one terawatt. The company develops custom systems to meet customer requirements, and also offers a line of high-voltage semiconductor switches. APP has government-funded research projects, such as developing fast laser-triggered high-voltage switches. Applications of pulsed power include radiation treatment for cancer, generating shock waves to break up kidney stones, and driving excimer lasers for vision correction surgery. Pulsed power is used extensively in national labs and other research facilities.

Cornell Connection

Members of Cornell’s faculty and staff founded Applied Pulsed Power. The company employs several Cornell graduates.