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R&D: Male Infertility

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Androvia LifeSciences is a NY-based, privately held company focused on developing new diagnostics that provide a higher level of patient management of male fertility for use by clinicians to counsel couples. The company’s objective is to understand male fertility at its most fundamental level – how it occurs, how it’s measured, and how it can be applied to improve outcomes. The company has developed a novel, proprietary biomarker-based assay that assesses the functional ability of sperm to fertilize an egg. While other male fertility tests determine sperm count, motility, and appearance, Androvia’s Cap-Score™ Assay test is the only test capable of helping to determine if a sperm is able to fertilize an egg. Specifically, this laboratory-developed test evaluates capacitation, the physiological cascade undergone by sperm in the female reproductive tract that enables sperm to fertilize an egg.

Cornell Connection

Androvia LifeSciences was cofounded by a current professor in the Cornell College of Veterinary Medicine’s Baker Institute for Animal Health. The company’s foundational technology is licensed from Cornell University.