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Horticultural R&D and Manufacturing

  • Products:
  • Aquatrant™
  • Gelscape®
  • Planta-gel®
  • Agri-gel®
  • CU-Soil®
  • CU-Structural Soil®
  • Amereq™
  • N-Save™

AMEREQ Inc. develops horticultural products that are safe, nontoxic, and environmentally friendly. The company developed and introduced synthetic hydrogels into forestry and horticulture markets and continues to develop superabsorbent hydrogels and controlled-release fertilizers. AMEREQ is the exclusive licensed producer and marketer of Cornell’s Urban Tree Planting Mix, and has built a network of more than 70 producers of CU-Soil™ in the United States and Canada.

Cornell Connection

The company works closely with a Cornell faculty member in the Department of Horticulture.