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Agave BioSystems

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Agave BioSystems is a biotechnology company with laboratories in Ithaca, New York, and Austin, Texas. The company's mission is the integration of the specificity and extreme selectivity of biological systems with the precision and scale engendered by micro and nanofabrication technologies. The company develops miniaturized, highly effective, field-portable biosensors and analytical instruments. Agave BioSystems is engaged in a number of research projects in which biological components for sensor systems are tailored to complement ongoing work in micro and nanofabrication. Many of these sensors are being developed to combat biowarfare/bioterrorist agents or for use in space applications that will also have broad application in the food, environmental, and medical industries.

Cornell Connection

A faculty member in Cornell’s Department of Food Science cofounded Agave BioSystems. The company collaborates with other Cornell faculty and seeks to remain closely allied with the university to the mutual benefit of both.