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A Cornell Business and Technology Park Company

Advion BioSciences Inc.

R&D: Mass Spectrometry and Bioanalytical Services

  • Products:
  • TriVersa™ NanoMate®
  • ESI Chip®
  • RePlay™
  • FloTek and NanoTek Microfluidic Synthesis System
  • Immunoassay Services
  • Biomarker Services
  • P450 Metabolism Services

Advion BioSciences Inc. is the partner of choice for pharmaceutical, biotechnology, academic, and government researchers seeking to enhance their mass spectrometry and chemical synthesis workflows. The company develops a broad portfolio of purpose-built mass spectrometers, nanoelectrospray ionization sources, and flow-chemistry synthesis systems and consumables characterized by their reliability, quality, flexibility, and fit-for-purpose design.

Cornell Connection

Advion's technology is based on research completed by a Cornell professor in the College of Veterinary Medicine. The same professor co-founded the company.