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Aas Inc.

R&D: Biotechnology

  • Products:
  • Slim Cycler
  • SolarDx
  • Mini8
  • One-Step qPCR Kits
  • T8-ISO
  • Lyophilized PCR Products
  • Reagent Kits and Assays

Aas Inc. is a microfluidics-based biotechnology company that is developing solar-powered and smartphone-integrated molecular diagnostic systems for use in resource-limited and developing world settings. The company has a range of devices and reagents that make polymerase chain reactions (PCR), a technique that generates millions of copies of a DNA sequence, possible anywhere. Their products are small, high-powered, and user-friendly, making it easy for researchers to solve real-world problems that involve DNA profiling. Aas Inc. also develops PCR curriculums with the goal of providing students with genetic tools.

Cornell Connection

A professor from the Sibley School of Mechanial and Aerospace Engineering co-invented SolarDx.